Public Comment City Council Meeting 11-28-2022 | Stonecrest Citizens Coalition

Good Greetings Mayor and Council, my name is Malaika Wells, I reside in District 4. I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was full of good food, good company, and great joy and gratitude for God’s grace and abundant blessings. 

I’m here to welcome new council member Alecia Washington. I am glad that District 3 has representation and glad you were able to be sworn in before the new year. I hope that district 3 residents have elected an inquisitive, innovative, accessible, and accountable representative. I am hopeful that your term on council will be known for integrity, transparency, citizen engagement, discretion, and wisdom. 

I am here also to thank council for their recent discussions and activity regarding pursuing a GMA City of Ethics designation. 

And to thank Councilwomen Graves and Grimes for voting in alignment with community concerns regarding the recent appointment of Ms Scruggs as Acting City Manager. 

I also want to share that I recently learned that the city does not have an MOA with Fincher Denmark to provide legal services. Why is that? Earlier today I was able to download and read the agreement for provision of City Attorney Legal Services for the City of Dalton. Why does Stonecrest not have a similar agreement with Fincher Denmark?

Also, I reviewed the contract for the former City Manager. Its termination clause requires 14 days’ prior written notice from the city to terminate the contract. Did the city provide the required written notice? 

I continue to be grieved that the council has not moved with urgency to appoint members to the citizen-led Charter Review Commission. How has the city and its residents benefited from your decision to delay this?

Also, I am asking again that the time allotted for public comments be returned to 3 minutes. If you continue to deny this extension of time for public comments, please explain why.

Thank you!